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Francois Villon - Poetry in Translation

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Ballad Of The Gibbet
Les Regrets De La Belle Hëaulmiere
The Ballad Of The Ladies Of Yore
Abor Amorris
To Death Of His Lady
The Debate Between Villon And His Heart
Le Testament: Ballade: ‘Item: Donne A Ma Povre Mere’
Ballade: Epistre
Ballade: Du Concours De Blois
Le Testament: Ballade: Pour Robert d’Estouteville
Le Testament: Epitaph et Rondeau
Le Testament: Ballade: A S’amye

Five Translations

A Ballad of Francois Villon
Ballads from Francois Villon

Three Translations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
I. The Ballad of Dead Ladies
Death, of thee do I make my moan, / Who hadst my lady away from me,
Goodbye! the tears are in my eyes; / Farewell, farewell, my prettiest;
Brothers and men that shall after us be, / Let not your hearts be hard
I have a tree, a graft of Love, / That in my heart has taken root;
Who's that I hear?—It's me—Who?—Your heart / Hanging on by the thinnest
Tell me now in what hidden way is / Lady Flora the lovely Roman?
Les Regrets De La Belle Hëaulmiere 
ADVIS m'est que j'oy regreter / La belle qui fut hëaulmiere,
I know flies in milk / I know the man by his clothe
Ballade: Du Concours De Blois
I’m dying of thirst beside the fountain, / Hot as fire, and with chatte
This I give to my poor mother / As a prayer now, to our Mistress
Have pity now, have pity now on me, / If you at least would, friends of
At dawn of day, when falcon shakes his wing, / Mainly from pleasure,
Epitaph / Here there lies, and sleeps in the grave,
Oh, grant him now eternal peace, / Lord, and everlasting light,
 False beauty that costs me so dear, / Rough indeed, a hypocrite sweet

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