Thursday, August 5, 2010

Voices from the Thirties: An Introduction to the WPA Life Histories Collection

Another treat from the American Library of Congress: Transcripts of life testimonials by a wide sampling of Depression-Era folks from all walks of life. Searchable by key word.


"Yes, it's a wonderful voice. And it ain't no expense neither. A little eggnogg, some Heide's pastilles and it comes out clear like a canary: That's my nickname in the sewer - Sam, the Canary. Rough laborers, they ain't artistic and sensitive like girls, but they call me the canary, they gotta, on account of my voice. I don't mean my voice. I hate to say I, my. It's a born voice, that's all. It happens by accident it's mine. It's a pleasure. It's an inspiration, it gives me a good appetite, it makes me happy. Except at night I eat two cups of coffee and supper, I feel so heavy it gets screechy. I'm too tired, it effects the voice, you understand. The slightest thing makes it screechy. I didn't know till three, four years ago I even had it. Nobody told me."

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