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Blues Lyrics and Hoodoo

This includes both primary and secondary songs. Source.

(field transcription, uncredited)
Cotton-Eyed Joe (hoodoo) pre-1925

Arnold, (James) Kokomo
Old Black Cat Blues (Jinx Blues)
(black cat, jinx) 1935

Arnold, (James) Kokomo 
Policy Wheel Blues (Jinx Blues)
(policy dream books) 1935

Batts, Will
Country Woman Blues (goofer dust) 1933
Black Spider Dumpling 

Blake, Blind (Arthur)
Policy Blues (policy dream books)

Blake, Blind (Arthur)
Panther Squall Blues (jinx) 1928

Bogan, Lucille (with Spoken parts by Papa Charlie Jackson) 
Jim Tampa Blues (jomo, black cat bone) 1927

Brown, Bessie
Hoodoo Blues (goofer, gris-gris, spider dumpling, black cat bone, shoes) 1924

Brown, Gabriel
Jinx Is On Me (jinx, gypsy, card reading, numbers) 1945

Carter, Bo (Armentier Chatmon)
The Ins and Outs of My Girl (jinx) 1936

Carter, Big Lucky (Levester Carter)
Goofer Dust (goofer dust, dragon's blood, etc.) 1968

Chatmon, Harry
Hoo Doo Blues (hoodoo, palmistry, horseshoe) 1935

Chicago String Band
Hoodoo Blues (hoodoo, gambling)

Clayton, Dr. (Peter)
Root Doctor Blues (double entendre on root work) 1946

Cox, Ida
Fogyism (black cat, etc.) 1928
Gypsy Glass Blues (Gypsy) 1927
Mojo Hand Blues (mojo) 1927

Crudup, Arthur
"Big Boy" Hoodoo Lady (hoodoo lady, hoodoo hand) 1947

Dixon, Willie
I Ain't Superstitious (bad luck omen list) 1962

Gibson, Clifford 
Don't Put That Thing On Me (conjure, hoodooing male nature) 1929

Gillum, Jazz 
The Blues What Am (bad luck omen list) 1947
Hand Reader Blues (fortune teller, herb tea, good luck pills) 1947

Harlem Hamfats
Hoodooin' Woman (hoodoo, fix, spread stuff) 1937

Harris, Wynonie
Conjured (foot-track magic, graveyard dirt, etc.) 1964

Henry, Waymon "Sloppy" 
Jomo Man Blues (jomo, lodestone, john the conquer, goofer dust) 1928

Hogg, Andrew "Smokey"
I Bleed Through My Soul (black cat bone) c.1950

Hopkins, Lightning
Mojo Hand (mojo) 1960; also a later version, undated

House, Son
The Jinx Blues [No. 1 and No. 2] (jinx, Gypsy) 1942

Hudson, Hattie
Doggone My Good Luck Soul (black cat, horseshoe, rabbit foot) 1927

Hunter, Ivory Joe
I Almost Lost My Mind (Gypsy) 1950

Jackson, Papa Charlie 
Bad Luck Woman Blues (jinx, rat's [?] foot) 1924

Jefferson, Blind Lemon 
Bad Luck Blues 1926
Broke and Hungry Blues (black cat bone) 19-- (INCOMPLETE)
Dry Southern Blues (implied menstrual blood in coffee) 1926
Low Down Mojo Blues (mojo)
Lemon Rambler Blues (jinx) 1927

Johnson, Merline
Sold It to the Devil (crossroads ritual) 1937

Johnson, Robert Little
Queen of Spades (mojo) 1937

Johnson, Robert
Hellhound on My Trail (Hot Foot Powder)
Stones In My Passway (foot-track magic) 1938

Jones, Curtis
Black Gipsy Blues (Black Gypsy) 1938
Black Magic Blues (hoodoo)

Jordan, Charley (with Charlie Manson)
I Couldn't Stay Here (jinx) 1936

Jordan, Louis
Somebody Done Hoodooed the Hoodoo Man (hoodoo) 1939

Lenoir, J. B.
The Mojo, a.k.a. Mojo Boogie, Voodoo Boogie (jack ball) 1953, etc.

Lewis, Furry
Black Gypsy Blues (Black Gypsy) 1929

Lightnin' Slim (Otis Hicks)
Hoo Doo Blues (hoodoo)

Lincoln, Charlie (Charlie Hicks, Laughing Charley)
Mojoe Blues (mojo, hoodoo) 1957

Lofton, Cripple Clarence
I Don't Know (goofer dust) 1939

Lofton, Cripple Clarence
Strut That Thing (goofer dust) 1935

Lonesome Sundown (Cornelius Green)
I'm a Mojo Man (mojo) 1957

Mabon, Willie
I Don't Know (goofer dust) 1952 / 1953

Memphis Jug Band (with Will Shade)
Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues (Aunt Caroline Dye, mojo) 1930

Memphis Jug Band (with Will Shade)I Whipped My Woman With A Singletree (Black Gypsy) 1930

Memphis Jug Band (with Hattie Hart)
Spider's Nest Blues (spider, toby) 1930

Memphis Minnie (Lizzie Douglas)
Hoodoo Lady (hoodoo woman) 1936

Moss, Buddy
Jinks Man Blues (jinx)

Nelson, Romeo
Gettin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing (goofer dust) 1929

Otis, Johnny
Castin' My Spell (mentions many hoodoo beliefs) 1950s

Patton, Charlie
Revenue Man Blues (jinx) 1934

Rainey, Ma Black
Cat Hoot Owl Blues (bad luck beliefs) 1927

Rainey, Ma Black
Dust Blues (goofer dust) 1928

Rainey, Ma Louisiana
Hoo Doo Blues (Algiers, hand, hoodoo, goofer) 1925

Red, Tampa (Hudson Whittaker) and Georgia Tom
Dorsey The Duck Yas-Yas-Yas (hoodoo women) 1929

Ross, Dolly Hootin'
Owl Blues (bad luck beliefs) 1927

Shade, Will (Memphis Jug Band)
I Whipped My Woman with a Singletree (gypsy) 1929

Shines, Johnny
Hoodoo Snake Doctor Blues (hoodoo doctor) 1970

Smith, Bessie
Lady Luck Blues (horseshoe, goofer dust) 1923

Smith, Elizabeth
Gwine To Have Bad Luck Seven Years (bad luck women list)

Spand, Charlie
Big Fat Mama Blues (goofer dust) 1930
Evil Woman Spell (hoodoo woman) 1931
Hoodoo Woman Blues (hoodoo woman) 1940

Spivey, Victoria
Hoodoo Man Blues (hoodoo man) 1926

Stokes, Frank
Bedtime Blues (Goofer Dust) 1928

Tampa Red (Hudson Woodbridge / Hudson Whittaker)
Anna Lou Blues (mojo hand)

Temple, Johnnie
Hoodoo Women (Aunt Caroline Dye, hoodoo) 1937

Torey, George
Lonesome Man Blues (jinx) 1937

Towel, Jim
I've Been Hoodooed (hoodoo, rabbit foot, foot track) 1928

Twitty, John D.
(Black Spider Dumpling) Sold It to the Devil (crossroads ritual) 1937

Washboard Sam
Hand Reader Blues (fortune teller, herb tea, good luck pills) 1938

Washboard Sam
Suspicious Blues (many bad-luck beliefs) 1938

Waters, Muddy (McKinley Morganfield)
Louisiana Blues (mojo) 1950

Weldon, Casey Bill (Casey Will Weldon)
Jinx Blues (jinx)

Wells, Junior
Hoodoo Man Blues (reworking of SBW's "Hoodoo Hoodoo") 1953 & 1965

Wheatstraw, Peetie
Last Week Blues (jinx) 1934

Wheatstraw, Peetie
Cut Out Blues (policy, jinx) 1936 (INCOMPLETE)

Wiley, Arnold
Spider in Your Dumpling (spider dumpling, live things) 1920s

Williams, Albert
Hoodoo Man (Memphis Al) (hoodoo man) 1963

Williams, Big Joe
Jinx Blues (jinx) 1963

Williams, Robert Pete
Black Cat Bone (black cat bone) 1961

Wiliamson, John Lee "Sonny Boy"
Hoodoo Hoodoo (hoodoo, mojo) 1946

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