Thursday, August 26, 2010

Twin Peaks Episode 2

What I feel to be Lynch's quintessential (if completely mystifying) statement about everything to come, in Twin Peaks, but also through his movies: Episode 2 of Twin Peaks.


(thinks of something, flicks on recorder)
Diane, 8:17, quick note: definition of a Chinese
word, "Koro," that's the name of Mrs. Josie
Packard's dog, mixed breed. I believe the word
is Mandarin, I'm sure I know what it means but I
can't lay my hands on it.

Truman reaches the spot on the rock with the tape and calls back ...

Exactly sixty feet, six inches.


Cooper bites into a doughnut. At the rock, Hawk whispers to the Sheriff ...

What do you think he's up to?

Beats me.

Sixty feet, six inches; that's the distance from
home plate to the pitcher's mound.

Kind'a interesting, huh?


Truman starts back, respooling the tape measure. Andy shows Cooper the bucket
of rocks.

Where would like these rocks?

Set 'em down by the donuts, Deputy.

Andy does. Lucy picks up a coffee pot.

Would anyone like a warm-up?

Yes, please ... thanks ... you bet

Damn good coffee ...
(sips, burns his tongue)
... and hot. Would everyone please take a seat?

Truman, Hawk, Andy and Lucy sit on the four folding chairs. Cooper takes a
telescoping pointer out of his coat pocket and expands it full length.

By way of explaining what we've been doing and
are about to do, I'm going to first talk to you a
little bit about the country called Tibet.

Cooper flips the two-sided blackboard over, revealing a detailed map of Tibet and
surrounding countries tacked to the back.

Tibet is bordered on the southeast by Burma, on
the south by India and Nepal, on the west by
India and Kashmir and on the north and east by
China. It is almost completely surrounded by
mountain ranges. An extremely spiritual country,
practising a form of Buddhism known as Tibetan
Buddhism, for many centuries the leader of Tibet
has been known as the Dalai Lama; upon the
death of each Dalai Lama, his spirit is believed to
pass into the body of a newborn infant. An
exacting series of tests are performed to discover
this boys identity, who is then rigorously trained
to fulfill his great responsibilities.

The Sheriffs department is intrigued but completely mystified.

In 1950, Communist China invaded Tibet and,
while leaving the Dalai Lama nominally in charge,
they in fact seized control of the entire country.
Following a Tibetan uprising against the Chinese
in 1959, the Dalai Lama was forced to flee for his
life to India and has lived in exile ever since.

Cooper collapses his expanding pointer.

Following a dream I had three years ago, I have
become deeply moved by the plight of the
Tibetan people and have been filled with a desire
to help them.

Cooper flips the blackboard back over. The Sheriffs department members look
at each other just a tad uneasily.

I also awoke from this same dream realizing that I
had subconsciously gained knowledge of a certain
deductive technique, involving mind-body
coordination operating hand-in-hand with the
deepest levels of intuition. Sheriff, Deputy Hawk,
if I could have your assistance I will be happy to
demonstrate this technique ...

Truman and Hawk look at the others, look at each other and stand. Cooper
expands his pointer again.

You'll recall that on the day of her death Laura
Palmer wrote in her diary the following entry ...

Points to where this line is written along the top left side of the blackboard ...

"Nervous about meeting "J" tonight." Remember
also that under the nail on the ring finger of
Laura's left hand we discovered the letter ...

Points to where this is written along the top right side of the blackboard ...

"R." In addition, under the nail on the ring finger
of the left hand of Theresa Banks, the girl who
was murdered last year, we discovered the letter

He writes the letter "T" next to the "R."

Today however we are going to concentrate on
the "J's."  Harry, is you would, when I give the
word, would you please read aloud each of the
names we've written on the blackboard, all of
whom had a direct connection with Laura Palmer.

Okay ... alright.

Deputy Hawk, if you would hold this bucket of
rocks up near me where I can get at them ... and
would you please wear the kitchen mittens.

(looks at Truman, who nods)
Yes, sir.

Hawk puts on a pair of kitchen mittens and picks up the bucket of rocks.

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