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Guide to the Gay and Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection 1955-1988. (Part 3)

Fales Library and Special Collections. 

Abstract: American queer culture saw some of its earliest mass expression in the pulp fiction market starting around the end of World War II.

Wynters, Bob: Long Hard Wynters.
Glanz, Dick: By The Balls.
Smith, Art: Mr. Suck.
Coxe, Jed: Hot Load Trucker.
Cochran, Bob: Snow-Job.
Wynters, Bob: Wynter's Tail.
Cummings, Rich: Buddy's Butt.
Smith, Art: All Day Sucker.
Todd, Eric: Beachballer.
Cummings, Rich: Cock Fighters.
Fletcher, O.J: Bunghole Buddies.
Kincaid, Jeff: Brown-Sucker.
Wynters, Bob: Wynter's Balls.
Griffon, David: Ask Ol' Buddy.
Smith, Art: Bunkhouse Boy.
Rogers, Tom: Come Free.
Love, D.H.: Blow The Joint.
Coxe, Jed: Peter's Pink.
Pepper, Peter: Meat Slinger.
Martin, Damon: Long Hard Buck.
Patterson, Art: Butt Rustle.
Todd, Eric: Beachballer II.
Rose, Dustin: Fist of Fire.
Kincaid, Jeff: Water Sport.
Martin, Damon: Butt Bucker.
Alpert, Jay: Put It In.
Ray, Lowell: Brown Eye Boy.
Garbo, Edward: Double Truckin'.
Lynn, Steve: Peter Easter.
Martin, Damon: Cocke Balls.
Todd, Eric: Beachballer III.
Michael, Jay: Do It Up Brown.
Wilson, George: Throat Thriller.
Savoy, Sam: Hot and Hard.
Pines, Philips: Hard On His Tail.
West, Samuel: Boy Meat.
Roberts, Thomas: Hard-On The Saddle.
Gifford, Lon: Chicken Lickin' Good.
Richter, Art: Sucker For Seafood.
Duncan, James: Pickin' The Chicken.
Johnson, Thumper: Rim Sheet.
Jennings, Newt: Bondage and Boyflesh.
Pines, Philip: The Sergeant's Privates.
West, Samuel: Deliveries In The Rear.
Gronowski, Paul: Double Play.
Lamb, Sebastian: Man Slave.
Michaels, Bob: Inside Man.
Rule, Jane: Against The Season. [Signature Copy].
Porter, Darwin: Butterflies in Heat.
Emerson, Jill: Enough of Sorrow. [Winner of the 1965 Midwood Award for Literary Excellence].
Greene, Jay: Pretty Boy.
Greene, Jay: Bitter Wine.
Greene, Jay: Nino.
James, Sky: Bunk Buddies.
Hamilton, Greg: Strange Worlds; Harmon, Lee: Strange Roommates.
Scott, Michael: Private Passions.
Scott, Michael: Gay Psycho.
Roberto: Satyricon
Greene, Jay: Cruising.
Kovar, Dallas: Blow Gently.
Holliday, Don: Gay Buddies.
Miller, Marcus: A Masculine Scent.
Miller, Marcus: Boy Meets Boy.
Jacobs, Edward: Gay Boy.
Moore, Martin: To Dare To Be Different.
Wilson, George: Whipping Cream.
Hoban, Steve: Men of the Blue Grass.
Hurch, Charles: The Feel-It Book.
Van Heller, Marcus: Jailbirds In The Backseat.
Squire, Eugene: Cross-Country Trick.
Dickson, Paul: Gay Boy Returns.
Rand, Lou: Rough Trade.
Deutsch, Deborah: The Flaming Heart.
Zaremba, Eve: A Reason To Kill.
Laurie, Paul: Night Of The Sadist.
Carey, Mike: Pool Boy.
Sawyers, Rod: Gay Blades.
Wilder, David: Fathers, Sons, and Lovers.
Laurie, Paul: Come Killer, Come.
Crane, Larry: My Dark Lover.
Wilhelm, Lambert: Dog Collar Boys.
Jackson, John: Intensive Care.
Doyle, Patrick: All-American Stud.
Lawrence, David: Lusty Seamen.
Loring, Joseph: Teen-Aged Hustler.
Rinker, David: City Boy.
Jackson, John: Deadly Orgasm.
Mario: Orgy Italian Style.
Wilhelm, Lambert: Too Beautiful.
Prodde, Lance: Caribbean Sex.
Jackson, John: It's Show Biz.
Stevens, Eric: Military Orgy.
Colby, Jim: Truckers' Delight.
Esse, Jay: Wild From The Farm.
MacMurphy, J.P: Room 314..
Farout, Billy: Hero In the Bedroom.
Doyle, Patrick: Red.
Malory, Stafford: The Boy Who Asked For More.
COOP: Sexy Southern Boy.
Fredericks, Carl: The Traveling Sex Man.
Parkhurst, Peter: Some Like It Hard.
Lambert, Williams J.: Male Sex Idol.
Culver, Ed: Gay Three-Way.
Stark, Ben: Size Queen.
Davidson, Chris: Song of Alexander.
Miller, Marcus: Gay Revolution.
Thomas, Aaron: Deep Lavender.
Lamarr, Barry: For The Love of Lavender.
Porter, Dan: Ship Of Queens.
Forbes, Jason: Made In England.
Barker, Sonny: Shafter.
Townsend, Larry: Two Thousand Sixty Nine Plus One.
Scharde, Bernard: Happy-Go-Lightly.
Frey, Gerrold: Ronnie.
Forbes, Jason: Get It Up.
Lansing, Shane: Hard, Hot Hard-Hat.
Robinson, Bradbury: Bare Knees, Boy Knees.
Hollingsworthy, Llewellyn: Brothers and Lovers.
Thomas, Aaron: Sixty-Nine Palms.
Dean, Douglas: Sidewalk Salesman.
Falkon, Felix Lance: Nine Easy Pieces.
Lambert, William J: Demon's Coronation.
Hughes, Peter Tuesday: A Walk In The Park.
Wayne, W.W.: Park Duty.
Insley, James: Yours To Keep.
Lambert, William J: Bob, Carl, Ted and Alan.
Sawyers, Rod: Fly Boys.
Delacourt, George: Frontier Boys.
Lester, Lance: MacNeil's Raiders.
Hughes, Peter Tuesday: Graffiti.
Dean, Douglas: Windows and Mirrors, Volume I.
Dean, Douglas: Windows and Mirrors, Volume II.
Dean, Douglas: A Father In the Shadows.
Lester, Lance: Clint Scores Big.
Raborg, Frederick: Gin Street Rhythms.
Stuart, Chad: Blackballed.
Delacourt, George: The Cabin Cruiser.
Raborg, Frederick: Gay Vigilante.
Daniels, Gordon: Black Angel.
Stuart, Chad: Mountain Men.
Andros, Phil: Renegade Hustler.
Hays, H.R: The Dangerous Sex, The Myth of Feminine Evil.
Hunt, Morton: Gay.
Wright, L.B: Queer Street.
Bright, Lynwood: The Men Between.
Smith, Robert: Gay Mystique-How Men Love Men.
Nitzer, Rodney: Gay Lovers-Hard Men With Hard Bodies.
Proctor, Dr: Gay Rape-Forced Sexual Acts.
Fletcher, Flora: Whisper of Love.
Taylor, Dyson: Bitter Love.
Tellier, Andre: Twilight Men.
Shalanski, Tex: Saddle Buddy.
Baldwin, Dick: Hunk.
Bronson, Wolfe: Truck Stop.
Kelly, Mike: The Big Pipe.
Cannon, Tony: Mountain Stud.
Edwards, Mark: Cherry Cop.
Milano, Chris: Brawny.
Stuart, Chad: The Meat Eaters.
Mark, Julian: Special Duty.
Stuart, Chard: Buck.
Cannon, Tony: Hustler.
Mark, Julian: Jump Squad.
Ward, Roger: Holler Uncle.
Baldwin, Dick: Naked Danger.
Stuart, Chad: A Presidential Affair.
Culver, Ed: Kept Boy.
Tressner, William B: Queens of the Quarter.
Evans, Jack: Blackie.
Proffers, J.J: Hey There Orgy Boy.
Evans, Jack: Stage Stud.
Proffers, J.J: Barracks Orgy.
Evans, Jack: Buzzy.
Dandridge, Guy: Gay Patrolman.
Dandridge, Guy: Ready, Willing, and Able.
Proffers, J.J: Swap Out.
Short, Roger: Stud On the Rocks.
Ferren, George: Miami Hustler.
Lawrence, Floyd: Slave Boy.
Marcus, James: Rough Trade.
Wilson,George: Ten Time Hole.
Minor, Jack: Pumping Rookie.
Lawrence, Floyd: The Cocky Repairman.
Rulen, Brad: Teenage Rider.
Eberhard, Paul: Road Gang.
Proctor, Harry: Dirt Bike Orgy.
Glenn, David: Highway Humpers.
Davies, John: Leather Bound and Beaten.
Spear, Charles: Hot White Suckers.
Darren, Jason: Trucking Sucker.
Cooper, Bill: Boot Licker.
Spears, Charles: Hot, Hard Comers.
Baron, Milt: Hard Truckin' Sucker.
Bart, L.K: Backdoor Slave.
Courage, Kevin: Hard, Horny Cowpokes.
Courage, Kevin: Man Handled Men.
Hall, Marnie: Underage Dick.
Rig, Lance: Texas Gang Rape.
Hall, Marnie: First Rape.
Newman, Alan: Glory Hole.
Lynch, Dick: Hard Behind Bars.
Wood, Spike: Fist Master.
Rogers, L.K: Cock Strip.
Hall, Mannie: Brownout Bait.
Harden, Eric: Motorcycle Cops.
Luger, Kurt: Berlin Buddies.
Hall, Mannie: Hot Cocky Cowboy.
Greene, D.C: Midnight Cowboy.
Avery, Everett: Road Boys.
Moro, Martin: King of the Docks.
Narr, Martin: Rough Rider.
Anonymous: Stable Boy.
Anonymous: Marine Master.
Anonymous: Brutal Seaman.
Spada, James: The Spada Report- The Newest Survey of Gay Male Sexuality.
Hamilton, Wallace: Kevin.
Oster, Jerry: Port Wine Stain.
McHenry, David: Hot Nights and Damp Sheets.
Moute, Alex: The Rough Trade.
Thompson, John B: The Lash.
Burke, Fern: The Jebson Twins.
Lloyd, Chuck: The Gang Rape.
Lyons, Jack: Ten-Inch Lover.
Taylor, Shad: The Master Cowboy.
Cassidy, Will: Locker Room Buddies.
Roman, Mark: Hardon Beach.
Ryan, Shad: Ass Hole Buddies.
Pichette, Roland: Cycle Slaves.
West, Jim: The Father Affair.
Champion, Mitchell: The Love Rammers.
Stevenson, Paul: Pretty Boy Lifeguard.
Cassidy, Will: The Blue-Eyed Stud.
Styles, Lee: The Gay Whores.
Schaeffer, Parker: Hank's Navy Buddies.
Dwight, Harrison: Three Is A Lucky Number.
Bone, I. L: Boy Whore.
Lewis, Mike: Love In A Steam Bath.
Love, James: Square Queer. [Full Color Illustrations].
Reed, Lance: Rough Boys In Denim.
Gaellis, Jackson: Uniformed Rape.
Riggins, Mitchell: Firehouse Rookie.
Dukes, Roger: Gridiron Meat.
Jones, Dillard: Manhandled.
Wood, H, C: Street Punk.
Bryan, Dan: Trucker Stop.
Holliday, Don: The Gay Trap.
Dexter, John: The Gay Ones.
Morton, Herb: Gay and Happy.
Llewellyn, Terry: Homosexual Love Letters.
King, Bruce: Leather Boy.
Marcus, James: Tender Butt.
Sweeney, Gunther: Tight Teenagers.[Illustrated].
Duncan, Rodney: Lots of Action.
Hastings, March: The Boys and Brigham Lee.
Talsman, William: The Gaudy Image [British Edition],.
Homer and Associates: A Bedtime Odyssey [British Edition],.
Richardson, Humphrey: The Sexual Life of Robinson Crusoe.
Homer and Associates: A Bedside Odyssey.
Barrows, Philip: Whores, Queers, and Others, Volume I.
Talsman, William: The Gaudy Image.
D'Archangelo, Angelo: Sookey.
Jay, Victor: The Gay Haunt.
Marsh, Jon: Mad About A Boy.
Flinders, Carl: Up Daddy, A Love Story.
Ebbing, I.V: Sherbet and Sodomy.
Amory, Richard: Frost.
Mitchell, Carl: Walk The Gay Night.
Farr, Kelton: His Secret Life.
Allyson, Kim: Mansion of Men.  
Tulane, Rick: Over Eighteen Over Eight.
Temple, Dal: T-Town Tease.
Tulane, Rick: His Brother's Keeper.
Temple, Dal: Hung Overly.
Everts, Tag: The Jock Pot/Book II.
Everts, Tag: Pay Twenty One.
Everts, Tag: Come Nine.
Everts, Tag: Heads Are Winners.
Lawrence, Ross: The Groovy Juvies.
Everts, Tag: Hard Ten.
Rogers, Lance: Mutual Palmistry.
Rogers, Lance: Lord Of the Flies.

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